Director Peter Farrelly: Upcoming Projects

A new project in the works by the Russos’ company AGBO Films is worth noting, and the press has definitely been noting it in the last few days. AGBO Films will be producing the untitled Cambridge Analytica movie. They are in talks with Director Peter Farrelly to direct the film and have Eddie Redmayne planning to star in it.

The script was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely and the project is already financed and ready to start production. While the project was initially supposed to be directed by David Gordon Green, the ongoing talks with Director Peter Farrelly are an exciting twist.

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The plan as we know it so far is that Eddie Redmayne will play the part of Christopher Wylie, the distinctly pink haired data consultant who came up with the idea for Cambridge Analytica. Feeling guilty, Wylie then became a whistleblower, and the movie is about his story.

Certainly, with Director Peter Farrelly onboard, the project should finally take off and be an intrigue to watch at some point. Stay tuned.


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