Coronavirus Crisis Management: Increasing Client Needs

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Coping with COVID-19– or even thriving in one’s everyday life – is challenging and requires new and different strategies.  Some individuals are managing very well, others are finding unique methods to help them thrive and yet some are finding all the various elements to be too overwhelming to juggle.  

Michelle Smith is the CEO of Source Financial Advisors – a firm that seeks to “serve [their] clients’ needs, [while] ensur[ing] their wealth serves their needs.” Understanding the need to form relationships with clients is key to Source Financial’s ethos.  The company has always “listened, discussed, collaborated and clarified,” with its clients.  In today’s Coronavirus-embedded uncertainty, this has become even more critical.

Smith is like many others who have been forced to shift their office to their homes while caring for the household and young children during this time.  She said:

“Authenticity is now a default way of operating, and frankly, my special needs son running into my bedroom office saying hi to clients has truly created amazing opportunities for a different type of real-life conversation — on top of talking about death and money.”

These words are very much in line with the company’s “holistic approach” that enables its staff to “build an effective wealth management plan” in conjunction with each “client’s vision for success, so they can forget about the financial details and pursue a life well-lived.”


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