Charging Cars on the Go

The technology surrounding the development of electric cars continues apace. The latest idea to increase convenience and efficiency comes from entrepreneurs in New Zealand. They have developed what they are calling the “power pad” which has the ability to wirelessly charge electric vehicles which are parked on top of it. It can even do the same for vehicles in motion.

The developers, Halo IPT, envision their pads being installed in garages, driveways, and parking lots and busily charging up cars with cords. But ultimately they would like to see their pads actually imbedded in the very roads the cars travel on, hopefully charging cars on the go by the year 2020.

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“Continuous induction charging, which we call dynamic in-motion charging, could be used to create ‘e-ways’ — motorways with dedicated charging lanes, set with charging pads spaced at regular intervals,” said Halo’s Helen Fitzhugh. “As the electric car drives over the pads, it picks up enough charge to ensure that the driver always leaves the e-way with more power than when he or she began the journey.”


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