Blue Food Just Might Help You Lose Weight

candy-406940_640Here’s a new one. If you just start eating all of your food under the glow of a blue light…you may find yourself losing weight. This odd information comes from a new study led by Han-Seok Seo of The University of Arkansas.

The fascinating part of this study is actually the difference between the reaction that men and women have. While the men who were given food illuminated by the blue light found the food suspicious and ate less, the women were not bothered by the light. Researchers explain that women use their sense of smell far more when assessing food, and therefore aren’t influenced by the color of the food.

As Han-Seok Seo said, “Since naturally blue colored foods are rare, humans may have a doubt as to whether (such foods) are safe to eat.” The study results can be found in the journal Appetite. The study involved 112 people who were all asked to eat the same meals under different colored lights.

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In the post-eating questionnaires, participants registered a similar level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction irrespective of what they actually ate.

The results of the group’s study were published in the latest edition of the journal Appetite.


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