Being a Mom Might Just Keep You Alive Longer

baby-165067_640Your kids might be helping you stay alive, believe it or not. A UK study from the Imperial College London analyzed detailed data on the lives of 322,972 women from ten European countries. They found, during the 13 year study, that women who had children were a fifth less likely to have died in the course of the study. This means that mothers are 20% less likely to die early than are their childless counterparts.

Published in the journal BMC Medicine, it also showed that women who have two or three children are less likely to die of cancer than are others. In addition, mothers who breastfed were 8% less likely to die than were those who bottle fed. The other finding they saw was that women on the pill were 10% less likely to die, as long as they weren’t smokers.

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Interesting, while this study didn’t evaluate men, other studies have shown that fatherhood is also good for health. A couple’s happiness increases with the birth of each child – interestingly, until the third. With the fourth child’s appearance, levels of satisfaction start to dip down again.


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