Beating the Winter Blues

Winter has started in many locations, while others aren’t too far behind, and many are worried that it will be a lonely time. Especially for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, it can become a time of staying indoors and not seeing others. Here are a few ways to get through these dark months without letting it get you down.

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  1. Some people are forming pods with friends and family for the winter months. These are small groups that are agreeing to get together and to keep very strict health rules for themselves. It’s an interesting idea and one that could allow an older couple, for instance, to have weekly meals with one other older couple. Or it might mean that five members of a card game group can see each other weekly.
  2. Tune in to the Happiness Lab. This is a pod cast from a Yale professor that is offering some very interesting insights into what makes us happy. And it’s not always what you might expect. Listen to this podcast, or others that talk about concrete steps to bring happiness and fulfillment into your life at a time like this.
  3. Solidify those Zoom programs and other online classes. Keep your brain stimulated and keep yourself to a busy schedule. This busy schedule might just mean that you have a lecture on Zoom at 10 every morning, a TV show you like at 12, a Zoom call with the grandchildren at 4, and an evening exercise program. Just the act of getting up each day knowing that you have a plan can really ease depression and make the day move that much more quickly.


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