Back to Work for Will

Poor old William. Can’t help but feel sorry for him. The guy doesn’t seem to get a break. Well, that’s not quite the story! But just a few days after his wedding, Prince William was back in business. He went to his Anglesey RAF base to resume his work duties. It looks like he’ll be postponing his honeymoon with the new Duchess of Cambridge after all, despite rumors until now that were confirming the opposite.

Even though he’s a Prince, and now a Duke, and indeed (perhaps even more importantly), second in line to the throne, he is still a regular employer who also had to “apply for leave like his colleagues,” and only had a week off for his big day. Hence they will instead honeymoon in a couple of weeks on a tropical retreat where they will be able to have a lot of privacy, according to two officers at Scotland Yard, assigned to the task of checking it out for them. Indeed, their honeymoon destination is so secret, that it is said even Kate isn’t aware of where they will be headed.

Monarch Marches On

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But at least William was in good company. He was not alone in his responsibilities. HRH The Queen was back at work just days after the big event too. She visited Newmarket, Cambridge in an official capacity. So this probably shows that when there’s work to be done, it doesn’t matter who you are; the UK can only take off one day – which it did on the occasion of the wedding – even for royalty.


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