Autism and A Mother’s Courage

Autism is a poorly understood illness which effects the proper functioning of certain parts of the nervous system. To a large variation in degree, those affected have difficulty with ordinary social interactions and communication abilities. These deficits are frequently accompanied by characteristic repetitive motions, such as swaying to and fro, or spinning in circles, which make the inability to communicate and interact more pronounced and difficult.

Parents of children with autism usually begin to notice symptoms in the first two or so years of life, although there have been many cases of a children appearing to develop normally at first and then suddenly regressing to a more autistic type of development. There is a range in the spectrum of the disorder, with two other named diseases contained within the definition of autism. Those are Asperger syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS.)

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Although many, if not most children with autism cannot truly be self-sufficient when they reach adulthood, there have been cases of people with autism becoming successful in life.  For parents living with children with this often devastating illness, life can become a highly challenging journey. Recently a film about the struggles of families affected by autism has been produced to high acclaim. Take a look for yourself at A Mother’s Courage, and learn a little bit more about this poorly understood, yet catastrophic illness.


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