Advice for the Sweetest Sweet Sixteen

birthday-balloonsIn some circles, sweet sixteen parties are a very big event. They mark a transition and are a great reason to celebrate anew milestone for a child. But they can also be quite stressful. Here are some quick suggestions from Beth Sonnenfeld, VP of Sales at EMBraer Paper Goods, about keeping your cool when you’re party planning.

  1. Listen to your child’s desires. This can be frustrating at times, but there is nothing worse than planning a party when the guest of honor is going to be upset or disappointed. Talk to your child and make the plans together. Obviously, they need to respect your budget and your abilities, but hopefully you can come to an agreement within those parameters.
  2. Stick to your budget, even if you think it will disappoint your child. As Mathew Braer, Beth’s colleague, also in sales at EMBraer Paper Goods; explains, “Your child may think that he needs something really splashy. But if I’ve learned anything in sales, and from watching companies like Amazon and Elio Motors, less is sometimes more.”
  3. Make your money go a long way. You can save money in certain areas so that you can spend more in others. You can order one dessert for each person rather than two, and most people won’t even notice the difference. You can shop in a second hand store for that perfect dress for yourself or your daughter, and find a true treasure.

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Getting ready for the big day shouldn’t have to bring a great deal of stress to you or your child. Remember why you’re having this celebration and try to keep your focus on the joy of reaching this milestone.



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