A Grape a Day Keeps the Eye Doctor Away

grapes-449678_960_720While many people enjoy grapes and probably think they are good for your health – it might be surprising to learn just how good for your health they actually are. Researchers at the University of Miami have found that they can actually reduce the risk of going blind later in life.

The researchers found that the fruit protects against a chemical process that is called oxidative stress, something that releases harmful molecules into the retina. As Professor Abigail Hackam of the University of Miami explained,

“Adding grapes to the diet actually preserved retinal health in the presence of oxidative stress in this study.”

The research was published in the journal Nutrition and was based on a study with mice who were either fed freeze-dried whole grape powder or a regular control diet. With the grape enriched diet, both retinal structure and function were preserved.
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As the professor explained, “These results are very exciting and build on the growing evidence that suggests a very real benefit for grape consumption and eye health.”

Certainly, many studies have shown the benefits of eating grapes, but none have focused before on eyesight.


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