4 Tips for Off-Road Bike Riding

bikeOff-road biking has become one of the hottest trends today. While it’s certainly a blast to ride on road with friends, it’s even more fun to feel the dirt under your tires and to be with nature when you ride. Before you jump on a fully-equipped bike, however, and get started, you really should have some tips under your belt. Here is a quick list of suggestions to keep in mind. Certainly, for even more information, you can subscribe to a magazine through the National Publishers Exchange like Bicycling. The National Publishers Exchange is featuring this one at the moment, and it would mean that you’d have constant advice and suggestions coming to your door each month.

1. Never bike alone. Even when you become a very experienced biker, you never know what will happen out there. It’s always recommended that you bike with a partner and you should, of course, have a cell phone on you in case of emergency.

2. Have the right equipment. If you get a flat near a gas station, you can get it fixed there. If you get a flat in the middle of the desert – you’re going to be stuck for a long time. Make sure, as you head out, that you’ve got all the tools you need including spare tires, biking tools, etc.

3. Start slowly. Off-road biking is hard work. Don’t assume that you can just jump on the bike and start moving. Speak to a biking specialist before you start to make sure you’ve got a comfortable seat, that you have the right front suspension and that you’ll be traveling with the right supplies. Then, start with a short trip and build up from there.
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4. Keep yourself hydrated and fed. Make sure to bring enough water for the trip (and then some) and to have some granola bars or energy packs with you.

Get ready for a great adventure off-roading!


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