The Bear of Little Brain Turns 90

Winnie-the-Pooh is about to reach a milestone, since sometime in June (the exact date remains unknown), the bear of little brain will be turning 90 years old. It was June 1921 that Pooh Bear came to the end of his creation in a factory in London. According to an article in the Britannica, a few weeks after that, he was purchased by Dorothy Milne as a birthday gift for her son Christopher Robin. The bear stuffed with fluff, “dubbed Edward, became the boy’s boon companion for years to come—and, soon after, the model for a series of stories by A.A. Milne that would revitalize childrens literature and that remain readable and even ‘relevant’ today.” The other birthday to be celebrated will take place on October 14 later this year, as A. A. Milne’s first book marks 85 years.

The Life of Christopher Robin

Although it might seem the opposite through the wonderful, idyllic books, the opposite was the case vis-à-vis Christopher Robin’s childhood. It was far from ideal. He also experienced much hardship as an adult. But the “first birthday gift led to many moments of grace and happiness for many millions of readers, and for that he is to be remembered and thanked today.” As a tribute to the birthday, a test has been compiled of “50 facts every Pooh fan should know.”


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