My Fault? Blame Someone Else Day

That sounds like a pretty good idea. Just a couple of days ago you would have been somewhat justified if you were to blame someone else for whatever went wrong in your life since Friday 13th marked Blame Someone Else Day.

So what is that? Well, Anne Moeller from Clio, Michigan, was the creator of this day back in 1982 which marked the first Friday 13th. She had a rotten day from start to finish, when at first she overslept as her alarm didn’t go off, making her late for all her appointments scheduled on that day. Legend has it that she was so mad, she spent the whole day “spreading the blame, making excuses for being late.”

There isn’t that much knowledge on much else about the day, but we can just “blame that on someone else.” It’s true; it’s not our fault. But how can you actually benefit from Blame Someone Else Day? Just use it. No matter what you do; what silly mistakes you make; or how stupid you are that day, just blame someone else! Put your foot in your mouth and put the blame on someone else. Be irresponsible and just claim it wasn’t your fault. No matter how you mess up, it cannot be your fault as you have to get in to the spirit of Blame Someone Else Day.

Indeed, really use this. Don’t worry about things so much on Friday 13th. Make a list of all the wrong things you do that day and just find someone else to blame for it. Some good advice for this is to write everything down as you go along. Then you know what you are blaming the other person on. But be a bit smart too. Make sure the person you choose to blame your wrongdoings on is not the kind of person who can come back and haunt you later with it.

Remember: this is only a one day thing. After Blame Someone Else Day is over, it’s all your fault again. So the advice is to use this day wisely.


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