Janna Bullock Featured As Miracle Working Nurse on New TV Show

Janna BullockThe ABC Television Network introduced a new television series on March 6, which aired for the first time on WCHS-TV8 at 10pm. Each week “Miracle Workers” will deal with two real-life people who have been told by their doctors that “there is nothing more that we can do.” The series will show that, with the help of an elite team of medical professionals and access to hard-to-get medical procedures, it is indeed possible to overcome the odds.

The “Miracle Workers” medical team will include a fearless cardiac surgeon, Redmond Burke, known for performing the first hear lung transplant on a child in New England; a cardiovascular surgeon, Billy Cohn, who is known as the Thomas Edison of heart surgery on account of his long and impressive list of innovative inventions which have forever altered surgical techniques; indefatigable UCLA Medical Center nurse Janna Bullock; and RN Tamara Houston of the McLennan Community Recovery Facility.

Teaming up to produce the series are Dream Works Television and Renegade 83 Entertainment. Together they will be able to continue in the network’s tradition of creating reality TV programming based on making the greatest dreams of ordinary people come to fruition.

The show will take viewers on a real-life journey witnessing as those who would otherwise not have access to necessary medical attention are able to get this attention.

The series will not leave out a moment of the transformation, from the first consultation with their newly found team of doctors to the necessary procedures to the life-changing effect the care they received has on the patients and their families and loved ones. Incredible special effects graphics will be incorporated into the show to explain the procedures and to show in detail the physiological effects the procedures have on the patients.


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