A New Cure for Snoring?

This could be exciting news for anyone who lives with a snorer. A new device could actually keep people from snoring. It’s a magnetic collar that the snoring person wears around his neck and it sits above the horseshoe-shaped bone that we have in our throat. When worn during sleep, the power of the two magnets keeps the person’s airways open and keeps them from snoring.

The device would work on people who have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) which causes the tissue in the throat to relax and collapse while sleeping. Some people use the CPAP devices for these issues, but there are many who aren’t comfortable with the devices or feel that they can’t use them.

This treatment is called the Magnap system. One of the magnets is actually implanted in the hyoid bone and the patient wears the other magnet with the external collar. It’s custom-made for each patient and is worn in front of the neck. The magnet on the collar pulls the internal magnet on the hyoid bone forward by one centimeter, opening the upper airway and improving airflow.

Some US patients have already had the device implanted and the trail they are in should last until the end of the year.


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