Turkey Time!

The countdown to Thanksgiving continues. And that means it’s almost Turkey Time! Turkey is one of my favorite foods and I’m always “game” for a reason to eat it. But I have learned that are some good rules of thumb for how to buy and prepare the best turkey. So in honor of our upcoming turkey dinner, here are some tips:

How Big Should Your Turkey Be?

Figure about one pound of uncooked turkey per person – or one-and-a-half pounds per person if you want leftovers.

Round upwards if your turkey is under 12 pounds; round down for turkeys over 12 pounds since they have more meat on the bones.

How Long Should You Store Your Turkey?

You can keep a fresh turkey for 2 to 4 days in the fridge.

You can store a frozen turkey for up to a whole year in the freezer. (So perhaps you should buy a turkey on sale this Friday and save it for next year’s Thanksgiving dinner!)

How Do You Defrost Your Turkey?
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In the fridge: Don’t take it out of its wrapper; allow one day for every four pounds of turkey; put a platter underneath to catch any drips

In the fridge: Don’t take off the wrapper; place the turkey breast-side down in a large bowl of cold water; change the water every 30 minutes; allow 30 minutes per pound of defrost time

How Do You Stuff Your Turkey?
The USDA suggests cooking your stuffing outside the turkey. While it may be less moist, it will likely have fewer calories.

If you do choose to stuff the turkey, use about ¾ cup of stuffing for each pound of turkey.

Stuff the bird loosely to ensure proper cooking.

Stuff your turkey right before roasting.

All this talk of turkey has made me really hungry – good thing Thanksgiving is almost here!


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