The Biebs’ Wax Figures Unveiled!

Yesterday, March 15th, three Justin Bieber wax figures were unveiled- one in New York, one in London and one in Amsterdam. The teenage heartthrob visited the Madame Tussauds museum in London himself, although his presence was kept on the down low in order to protect the museum from becoming too chaotic.

The Biebs posed beside his model, which is dressed in a red-and-black checkered shirt and black jeans, and said “It’s pretty incredible to see… It looks awesome, thanks very much. “ Later, he joked “As you can see, you know, I’m at least six feet taller than this guy.”

The spokeswoman for the museum Liz Edwards said that it was inevitable for the real pop star to grow during the eight months that the model was being created. His hair, of course, has also changed since then.

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“So we really wanted to make sure we made a ‘moment in time’ figure,” she explained. “But it’s the hair that everyone is paying the biggest attention to. So I’d say it’s the hair that’s been the biggest challenge.”

Bieber attended the event with his mother Pattie, and was greeted by a select group of fans. His hotel in Liverpool, on the other hand, has been so swamped by the Bieber-fevered that police have been forced to shut down the area.


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