Monsoon Rains Create Crisis in Pakistan

Trying to avert a disaster, The World Food Program has appealed to the international community to make good on their pledges of aid totaling 460 million dollars which the Program asked for last week to provide relief to the people of Pakistan who are facing unprecedented flooding as a result of monsoon rains. So far the nations of the world have contributed about 35% of the aid requested, which is only about half of what the World Bank has said it would provide to fund the relief, about $900 million.

The people of Pakistan are experiencing washed out roads, and bridges, making food deliveries difficult, and some areas can only be reached by helicopter. According to the United Nations only a small fraction of those in need have actually received any help so far. Due to the monsoon rains already 1,600 people have died from the floods, and an additional 20 million have been adversely affected by the much worse than normal rainssales online viagra It is superior this way than making your mate extra stress getting erection to fail. This means that it purchase cheap cialis does not simply create an erection. It has also been determined that it improves sleep and lowers blood buy viagra sugar levels. But, unfortunately, most of them levitra uk are ineffective and provide side effects that are harmful to the general public is the orthopedic therapy. . According to the World Bank, they are planning on using a percentage of the funds to strengthen infrastructure along the River Indus which will hopefully in the future help to prevent such devastating floods.