Development of Ear Infection Vaccine Underway

Ear infections are a common health issue for families, affecting almost every child in the United States by the time they reach two years old. Clinical trials by experts in infectious diseases have completed clinical trials on a vaccine which will hopefully be able to prevent ear infections among those with a chronic history of developing them.

The vaccine is designed to work against 7 types of pneumococcal bacterial strains which are known to cause ear infections. In a trial of about 177,000 children who were given the vaccine, there was shown to be about a 20% reduction in the number of children who had ear infections on a regular basis.

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According to many pediatricians and parents, having a vaccine against ear infections can end a lot of childhood suffering. Katherine Poehling from Wake Forest University Medical Center is not only a pediatrician with experience treating children with ear infections, but has also experienced the effects on the mother first hand.

“You go home at night. They are just a little bit fussy, you put them down, and they are screaming all night,” Poehling said.