A Refreshing Automotive Museum at The Academy of Art University

fair-1182112_960_720There are many automotive museums across America, but few of them have a university connected to them. The Academy of Art University has an Automobile Museum, and it’s worth checking out. The Academy of Art University Automobile Museum is at the Academy in San Francisco. It allows the viewer to catch a glimpse into the history of the art and design of the car. They have a huge selection of cars including Bugatti, Jaguar, Duesenberg, Cadillac, Alfa Romeo and others.

The museum is a non-profit location that allows those who love cars to relish in the enjoyment of viewing them. But what makes this location so unique is that it’s not just for car lovers – but for industrial designers and artists. The museum started because Richard A. Stephens, the former Academy of Art University President, always loved cars. Mr. Stephens wanted to offer automotive design at the Academy and he wanted to combine it with a unique ability for students to study beautifully designed cars and to appreciate the craftsmanship of others.

To this end, the industrial design program uses the museum to study design. Within the School of Industrial Design, they have recently created a new Associate of Arts degree in Automotive Restoration. Led by auto industry leader Tom Matana, they will be training the automobile restorers of the future.

Certainly, it’s not everyday that you see a museum on a college campus dedicated to the learning that the students are doing. And this is one auto museum worth checking out when you’re in San Francisco.

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