Celebrating Raymond Loewy

google-doodleIf he would still be alive, industrial engineer Raymond Loewy would have celebrated his 120th birthday yesterday. Known as the “father of industrial design,” Google had one of his engines as their doodle yesterday.

Born in France (but not all that well-known there for his genius) in 1938, Loewy became a naturalized American citizen.  Thereafter he worked in America for the majority of his life and passed away in Monaco on July 14, 1986.

Loewy became famous from the products he designed for companies including New Man, Spar, Shell, Greyhound Bus and even the Coca-Cola bottle.  He was recognized throughout the world is a top designer and was even publicized in the front page of Time magazine (1949) and Spiegel magazine (1953).  A mere stroke of his pen resulted in his technical innovations.  In addition, Loewy participated in one of the 20th century’s great adventure – the space race – working with NASA to design the interior of both the Saturn I and Saturn V rockets.
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Loewy was described by France Culture (radio station) as “the designer of the ‘American way of life’ in the 1940s.”  And indeed it became “impossible for an American not to be in contact with one or another of his creations at least once a day.”