Has Twitter Over-Tweeted?

Holly Willoughby to Birth Online

Twitter is a great social media tool but is it possible that it can go too far? Possibly. Since childbirth is meant to be a private, or at least an intimate experience, it does seem a bit strange that Holly Willoughby will be using the social network to broadcast her birthing experience, due to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of eager onlookers. But it’s not as extreme as it first looks. She’s not actually going to be screening her birth online. It’s just going to be updates posted by her co-presenter on the This Morning show, Philip Schoefield.
Miss Willoughby went into labor two days ago and Schoefield has done his best to keep fans “fully up to speed” on his own Twitter page. Perhaps a little scary is the fact that Willoughby went into hospital just two days ago, which was a month before her due date. She was having contractions last night but was reported to not be in full labor.

The Twitter activity might not be as bad as was initially thought. It seems that it is just her co-presenter Schoefield who is reporting the news. Apparently he has ensured that “barely a contraction goes unreported” to his 675,000 followers. One of his posts late last night read the following: “For everyone asking. News from @hollywills is that there’s no news really. Everyone fine, but very tired, still no new baby though.”Prostate is an important part of the reproductive organs where the body genitalia fails to respond well one can make use of 20mg power pills of in stock purchase viagra. new.castillodeprincesas.com india online viagra We are one of best pharmacy wholesalers regarding marketing the particular Propecia capsules. This semi- sildenafil generic from canada liquid medicinal drug has been initiated only for curing erectile dysfunction. It is the pressure put into each vertebra of the spine, thus hindering the proper flow of signals and energy from the brain to the different parts of the body. levitra low cost continue reading for info

Right now it just looks like it’s all pretty harmless fun and games and Miss Willoughby has given her consent to it all. After all, it was her who announced the pregnancy back in November on Twitter. At least the actual birth won’t be broadcast live on Twitter.

Well, it certainly is one way of getting more Twitter followers for those aiming for big numbers.