Beer Lovers in UK


If you happen to be visiting the UK for an extended period of time, or, you live there, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the best beer gardens there.  It just so happens, that one travel blog put together a list of the top 10 ones and here we will give you information on the best five ones.

Top of the list is the Square and Compass.  Situated in Dorset, this provides true British eccentricity so would be perfect for the tourist.  It has its very own fossil museum and hosts a huge variety of events including a pumpkin carving festival.  Historically, it began as a pub for local quarrymen and today still has some roughly-hewn stones that one can sit on during the summer afternoons.  There is a grassy slope that goes down to the sea and truly makes for a perfect setting for one to enjoy their homemade cider.

Others worth visiting are: The Ship (in Devon) which has an unparalleled view of bobbing boats and provides fantastic food and great beer; the Tarr Farm (in Somerset) is great for those who want to enjoy a beautiful stroll in the pub’s 40 surrounding acres.  It is placed above the River Barle and the garden is just stunning; guests can also enjoy the entire Exmoor National Park while they’re there too.

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Next on the list of great beer gardens is the Pandora Inn (Cornwall) which really has a history.  Dating back as far as the 13th century, this overlooks Restronguet Creek, a beautiful romantic spot which provides couples with the opportunity to look over the water on a floating pontoon.  Food choices include delectable fresh crab and entertainment options let diners watch the boaters as they relax.  Truly charming.

The fifth one is called the Three Horseshoes (Sussex) and dates back to the 16th Century.  Its garden is brimming with roses and other beautiful flowers.  Again this venue provides amazing views enabling its guests to enjoy long walks on sunny days.

So it appears that the UK isn’t just about bad weather and less than perfect cooking; these beer gardens prove there is a lot more in store for visitors and citizens alike to enjoy great food, beer and views.