How to Really Get Healthier Hair

If you think all the special nutritional ingredients added to shampoo actually penetrates into the structure of your hair making it healthier, you are wrong. All those specialized and active ingredients advertised to penetrate into your hair to produce healthier hair, simply do not. Rather, they are washed down the drain with the lather when you rinse. There is a simple reason for this; the molecules which compose those additives are too large to penetrate the cells which make up hair, and are also too large to enter the tiny hair follicles where hair grows. These ingredients just stay there until washed away.

Does this mean there is no way to bring invigorating nutrients to our hair, short of eating foods which contain the nutrients which our hair needs? Luckily there is another way because a company in California has developed a delivery system which brings nutrients directly to the hair follicles with the ability to penetrate and become incorporated into hair.

The company is called Kronos, and they have created a more-effective shampoo. Their specially designed shampoo uses what they call “T-Sfere Technology” which is tiny microscopic spheres small enough to get into the hair follicles. With this new technology Kronos then identified 5 of the most significant reasons hair needs extra nutrients, then developed the exact ingredients to improve each special hair situation.

These problem areas are:

1.    Thinning hair which needs help increasing its volume

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2.    Hair that is dry, frizzy or just generally hard to manage.

3.    Limp hair with no body.

4.    Hair which is damaged, often containing split ends.

5.    Hair which does not retain color well.