Sea Level is Rising, But By How Much?

Scientists have been looking for evidence of melting ice in Greenland, which could lead to a disastrous rise in sea level around the world. Finding the water temperature to be relatively warm 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this is just one more bit of information researchers are looking for and need to help answer one of our age’s most pressing questions: How fast is the world’s ice going to melt?

For a long time the belief among scientific experts was that it would take thousands of years for the enormous ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica to collapse, with the concomitant rise in sea level of about 7 inches in this century, the same as it rose in the last century. But this seems to be a hopeful, but unrealistic surmise. The truth is closer to a rise of between three and six feet by the year 2100. Three feet would mean a serious threat to coastal life as we know it.  A six-foot rise would cause a situation that would place thousands of square miles of the American coastline under water. The displacement of tens of millions of people in Asia would also occur.

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More research is needed to help decipher what the future holds in store for the next century.