Elephant Bedroom Camp

Summer is upon us and if you have yet to plan an overseas trip, consider exploring the African wilderness- but with hotel-quality accommodations.
Elephant Bedroom camp is located in Kenya, 300 kilometers from Nairobi. The unique accommodations allow visitors to relax in a luxurious environment while experiencing the exhilarating wilderness of the African Serengeti first hand.

Twelve furnished tents, equipped with hot and cold running water, electricity and numerous amenities, rest quietly amongst the roaming elephants, leopards, cheetahs, crocodiles, lions and hundreds of birds that are native to the region. With interiors designed to enhance the African atmosphere, the getaway provides the perfect combination of nature and luxury.

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“The tents at Elephants Bedroom camp in Samburu are large and breezy, and the service is terrific. The small size of the perfectly set camp with only 12 tents really affords the guest an opportunity to get to know the staff as well as other travelers. The tents are amazingly spacious and beautifully decorated, therefore small and intimate.

The camp offers a menu which usually comprises beef, chicken, or seafood as well as vegetarian dishes. Food is exquisite- breakfast is served as a buffet, lunch as a three-course meal with different choices and dinner four courses, also with different choices. Guests with any special or extra wishes or requirements are free to ask.”