Orangutan’s Eyes May Hold the Key to Improved Quality of Life

Dr. Neil Mennie, a neuroscientist in Malaysia, believes the eye movements of an orangutan at the country’s National Zoo may hold the key to improved quality of life in captivity, as well as in the wild.

In order to learn more about the orangutan’s feelings and interests behind bars, scientists fitted Tsunami with two cameras- one that records what she sees, and the other the movement of her right eye. The purpose of the exercise is to “bring about improvement in the lives of captive apes,” according to Reuters.

Dr. Mennie believes the eye movements will reveal Tsunami’s level of engagement with different activities, and enable zoos to enhance apes’ lifestyles and living conditions.

“I think this is going to give me a lot of important data on their special memory, for example, their visual attention, and how they basically just coordinate actions with four different limbs,” Mennie explained.

Muhammad Daniel Felix, Deputy Director of the Malaysia National Zoo, said the experiment’s findings may have a significant impact on the zoo’s practices.
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“There is a very strong movement on the welfare, taking care of the welfare and ethics of animals in captivity,” he explained. “By having this experiment, or the results, it will help… We will be able to identify what actually stimulates the animal in captivity. So we can use the results to improve our exhibit design, how we take care of the animals, what to put inside the exhibit…”

Mennie believes the findings will also unlock new information regarding orangutan’s behavior in the wild as well, such as foraging strategies, locations, and the value of different rewards.

Studies Reveal that Meds and Patches Do Help Smokers Quit

A recent study has finally confirmed that smokers have more success quitting when they use nicotine patches or prescription medications in their efforts.

Karin Kasza, the study leader, wrote in conclusion:

“Smokers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States are more likely to succeed in quit attempts when they use drugs or nicotine patches.”

The study surveyed more than 7,000 adult smokers in the U.S., Britain, Canada and Australia, discussing their previous attempts to drop the habit. The study then researched who had managed to stay smoke-free for at least six months. Around 2,200 of the participants used nicotine patches or prescription medications in their attempt, while the rest did not.

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18% of the nicotine users, 15% of those who used antidepressants, and 19% of the varenicline users managed to stay away from cigarettes for at least half a year. In comparison, only 5% of those without medication managed to commit to their quitting attempts for the full 6 months.

The study also discovered that the successful, non-medicated smokers tended to be younger, healthier, less addicted to nicotine, and more confident. However, according to Reuters, “the study does not prove that the medications are responsible for the greater success in quitting, merely that people who use them are more likely to quit.”

Kasza’s report adds, “The disappointing reality is that even when people use these medications to help them quit, relapse is still the norm. It’s better than nothing, but it’s by no means a magic bullet.”

Forget Tweets- Meet ‘Chirp’!

A new app called ‘Chirp’, developed by Animal Systems, enables iPhones and iPads to share images through a short burst of sound. Animal Systems is a spin off of the computer science department of University College London, and the lead developer on the app was Daniel Jones.

Jones explains that the biggest challenge was “making sure that we had a system that would work equally well in environments that are particularly noisy. So, in  a pub, or on a bus… to be able to work in all sorts of different real-world places.”

Jones adds that the capability is similar to Bluetooth- one advantage though is that once the app is installed, devices do not need to be paired in order for the transfer to work. Though the technology is only available for iPhones and iPads today, Jones and Animal Systems hope to expand the program to radios, tvs and PA systems. Any device capable of sound should be able to ‘read’ a Chirp.

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Learn more with Matt Cowan of Reuters:

Meet Emily, the New Lifeguard Assistant

California’s beaches now have another layer of protection from rip tides and undertow in the form of a robotic lifeguard assistant called ‘Emily.’

A vessel similar to a jet ski, the Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard patrols the Malibu beach in search of distressed swimmers and offers support until human help can arrive.

Sharon Reich of Reuters explains that though the model has some flaws, it will greatly aid lifeguards during the busy summer months.
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