Structural Design and Garden Maintenance

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The job of a landscape gardener is a lot more than the initial work of design and creativity.  Most people think of landscape gardening as just that, the fun design part.  But as Raphael Steinberg has found – since he established Raphael Steinberg Landscaping more than two decades ago – there is a lot more to the job than that.

Once the design has been completed and approved and the work has been undertaken, the next step is long-term maintenance.  A good landscape gardener will put as much effort into that as they do into the design work.

Raphael Steinberg’s work has been recognized and valued by his clients for his particular attention to detail.  He initially works on the more structural part of the landscaping like paving and walls and thereafter moves to the more intricate details of lighting and outdoor furniture.  He also helps his clients focus on the beauty of the natural greenery that already exists which, he believes, leads to a more aesthetically pleasing creation of their outdoor environment.

Steinberg cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintenance, post-construction.  “Yes, the original design and landscaping is a very large project, but if that is not preserved properly afterward, much of the joy of the end product will be lost.  I suggest that your landscaper return to your garden once every two weeks for basic maintenance and then for more serious work, once every six weeks.  It really is worth it.”