Keeping It In the Family

Middleton’s Moving?

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the royal pie. And it could just be that everyone is going to get it! Kate Middleton might be unusual in the sense that she could have a harder time dealing with her own parents that her somewhat troubled in-laws.

It seems that Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carole Middleton – the royal-to-be’s parents – have snuck over to take a peak at a house for sale priced at £5 million. That doesn’t really make such great headlines, but adding this to the tale might: it is reported that this particular house was where Camilla Parker Bowles resided during the peak of her affair with Prince Charles!

What’s Making the Middleton’s Move?

One might question why it is now that the Middleton’s are choosing to move. After all, they’ve seemed quite content in their red-brick 5 bedroom house, estimated at close to £1million) in a little village near Reading for the last 20 years. This was where they raised their three children and set up and ran their mail-order party planning business. But it makes sense the couple would want to move on, since their children are grown and out of the house.
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If that’s the case, then why are they not downsizing? If they are interested in Camilla’s old residence, this would be quite the opposite and they would be getting something much larger, which is currently home to the Earl and Countess Cairns, boasting a staggering 70 acres of parkland.

Well if the Middleton’s do buy the home, it sure is a good way to keep it in the family. It was said that “Camilla was rather amused to hear that the Middleton’s had been to look round her old home.” The lady-no-longer-in-waiting is probably able to chuckle about such matters now her life has turned around to being Great Britain’s next queen.