New Way to Beat Insomnia

A new device has been developed that could bring an end to sleepless nights for insomnia sufferers. It is a cap full of chilled water in tubes that “calms over-active minds, allowing the wearer to switch off and get a good night’s sleep.” It is the pre-frontal cortex (that sits under the forehead) that is cooled as for insomniacs, this part speeds up rather than slows down which is what it is meant to do. Water will switch it off, thereby facilitating a good night’s sleep. In a report in The Daily Mail, a study showed that those who wore the cap had as good a night sleep as those who don’t suffer from insomnia.

Cap Better Than Meds

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According to the cap developers (from America) it is believed that this device can provide a great alternative to sleeping tablets. According to Pittsburgh University researcher Dr. Eric Nofzinger, “the primary medical treatment for insomnia has long been the prescription of hypnotics, or sleeping pills, yet only about 25 per cent of patients using these treatments are satisfied, citing concerns regarding side effects and the possibility of dependence on a pill to help them sleep at night.” There is thus not that much available for these patients. For even more effectiveness, Nofzinger is pushing for a large-scale trial to “confirm the result.” The only criticism of it so far is how comfortable it will actually be to wear, and “how cold is cold?” as most people won’t really find it all that nice to go to sleep with a cold head.