Osteoporosis and Technology

Some years ago, people were so debilitated by osteoporosis – the bone-thinning disease – that all they could do was lie on their beds in pain and await the inevitable.  Today, it looks like that is changing, thanks to amazing technological advances. 

A microchip is currently being tested on seven women with osteoporosis to help restore bone density.  Implanted in their abdomens, it has been working via a radio signal to deliver pacemakers using a prescription plan so that they can consume their drugs more easily.  Results from the study showed that all women had a bone density increase.  This is fantastic news for osteoporosis sufferers, although the device is still awaiting FDA approval, which is only anticipated after 2016.  For the future, there are even greater plans for the device, such as it being able to deliver daily doses for 365 days.

Low-Tech Solution

Of course, there are some in the medical field who argue that diet, supplements and exercise alone are adequate to control and fight osteoporosis.  For example, by regularly adding calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium and strontium to one’s diet, one can battle – or even prevent – the onset of osteoporosis.  In addition, weight-bearing (walking) and strength-training (weight-lifting) exercise is vital in this battle.  Most of this is quite well-known, but it is a less-well-known fact that strontium citrate supplements can dramatically help the development of bone density and prevention of osteoporosis.

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Middle-Tech Solutions

Until now, osteoporosis patients have been using daily injection pens to help with their condition.  But this could be replaced once the microchip comes into general use and thus patients will be able to control their medication by pushing a remote-controlled button. 

It may not be readily available now, but in the near future it looks as if osteoporosis sufferers will be able to access a much more effective way of dealing with their disease.

Fad Diets Increase Osteoporosis Risks

It’s not news that fad diets are bad for one’s health but what is news is that they can also increase one’s chances of being stricken with osteoporosis in later life.  What happens is, is that when there is such an omission of various vital food groups, the bones will thin.  And that is exactly what’s been going on, as, according to recent research (detailed in a recent Daily Mail article), “three in ten women are so desperate to lose weight that they are cutting out entire food groups.”

Poor Diets: Poor Health

A poll was taken of 4,500 British women.  In it, a staggering 30 percent admitted to taking certain types of food completely out of their diets in an attempt to slim down.  Cheese is rejected and 11 percent are rejecting the whole range of dairy products.  This of course is entirely problematic due to the fortification of calcium such products come with, especially since such individuals are also cutting out bread that is also a big source of calcium.

Osteoporosis Risks

If one doesn’t eat well and build up calcium before the age of 35, this increases the risk of osteoporosis later on in life – a condition that impacts three million Britons as well as the result of over 230,000 broken bones per year.  While obesity is of course a huge concern, according to consultant nutritionist Fiona Hunter, women should not “value short-term slimness over long-term health.”  Lose weight for sure, but don’t do so by cutting out all-important food groups.

Desperate Dieters
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It seems that the biggest problem of these desperate dieters is that rather than looking at all the content in food labels, they are just focusing on calorie and fat elements and using that information to make their food choices.  But data such as protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamins etc., is being ignored.  According to the Food Standard Agency, adults need to be getting 700mg of calcium per day via a balanced diet.




Good News for Coffee Addicts

The Black Drink That’s Always Been Slammed

It’s true. We’re always told to cut back on the caffeine, stop drinking so much coffee. But now it seems that – for all those coffee addicts out there (and they do exist nationwide) – there is finally some good news about the black drink….or beige if you like it with milk. For example, if you just down one cup a day, you could see a reduction in blood pressure and a brainpower boost. For two cups, research from a Greek study based on 495 individuals aged between 65 and 100, healthy arteries could be your gift possibly due to the beverage’s antioxidants which “increases the production of nitric oxide, a compound found naturally in the body. Nitric oxide helps relax artery walls, and lowers blood pressure.” The downside however – to even one cup – is that it could still keep you up at night since it usually takes approximately 8 hours for its effects to fully leave the body.

But for those looking to avoid Alzheimer’s, two cups of coffee could be a good idea for you (although we’re not sure we want to trust this finding 100 percent since it came from research done on animals). Yet it could aid in stopping the build-up of proteins in the brain which have been “linked to memory loss associated with the disease.” As well, try it as an energy boost before exercise as it could improve performance. But be careful if you’re pregnant since two cups really is the upper limit – more could lead to miscarriage.


Is it possible that by drinking three cups a day you could reduce your risk for developing ovarian cancer by a fifth? According to the American Medical Journal Cancer Report of three years ago it is, following a study of over 122,000 women. But how does this help their male counterparts? If they drink three cups, their risk of developing gallstones is 40 percent lower than their non-3-cup-a-day male buddies. That’s very nice, but then by swallowing this amount of caffeine per day, you might end up upping your chances of getting a heart attack.

Save Money Drinking Coffee

Those women desperate for a breast reduction who don’t have the cash, might instead boil the kettle three times a day to make their beverage since Lund University, Stockholm, researchers found that just downing the drink could actually do the job of a surgeon and shrink their breasts! It’s not a guarantee but it might be worth a try. You’ll only be losing a few coffee granules at most.
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Fab Four

If you really want to reap some health benefits, then go for four shots a day. 400mg of caffeine has been “thought to provide the maximum benefit of coffee’s disease-combating antioxidants.” Utah University scientists discovered that four-cup-a-dayers were “39 per cent less likely to suffer from cancers of the mouth and larynx.” Type 2 Diabetes is also less likely to develop. But on the flip side, you’ll run a greater risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Get Your Five a Day

What happens when you’re really having a long day and you consume five cups of the beverage? According to researchers from the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo who studied 90,000 middle-aged individuals over ten years, you’ll lower your risk of getting serious liver damage by up to seventy-five percent. But, those susceptible to osteoporosis might want to find a different way of quenching their thirst in a different way as it could up their risk factor. But this still hasn’t been proven.

Six for Skin

And if you want to reduce your risk for skin cancer, go for six cups a day. Alternatively, you could just wear sunscreen… Hmm….drink for thought; ponder that over a freshly-brewed pot.