Good News for Yo-Yo Dieters?

For so long yo-yo dieting has been criticized up the Wazoo. But now it seems that there might be new research suggesting this form of weight loss isn’t so terrible after all. Those dieters who are so careful for months and then watch the pounds pile back on once they resume normal eating end up depressed and demotivated. But things may not be so doom and gloom now. According to an article in the Daily Mail, “it is better to have lost and gained than never to have lost at all.” Scientists from America have found that it’s actually good to lose and then gain in a “rapid cycle.” Tests were conducted with mice who were put on a diet that went from high to low fat. They lived 25 percent longer than those on an exclusive high fat diet and nearly as long as their only low fat counterparts. Glucose levels were more stable as well as “lower levels of damaging immune chemicals linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer.”

New Research; New Knowledge

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Of course, this is very different to the research we’ve seen up until now which has shown that such yo-yo dieting can actually increase the risk of dying from a heart disease two-fold along with an increase chance of strokes, diabetes and a suppression of the immune system which renders the body “more vulnerable to infection.” The study was led by Dr. Edward List of Ohio University who said that his research indicates that “the simple act of gaining and losing weight does not seem detrimental to lifespan.” It is his hope that this will now encourage yo-yo dieters to continue to keep trying to lose weight.