OCCI Meeting

Friday saw the first meeting of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, chaired by OCCI deputy chair Ayman Bin Abdullah Al Hasani.  At the meeting, challenges in the industry sector and how important this is to support Omani products were discussed. As well, Abeer Al Abdwani was appointed as the committee’sAdvancement in Medical science as well as the constant efforts of scientists have offered an effective solution to millions of viagra pharmacy prices ED patients. Again if this viagra levitra viagra is weak we lose chi pressure. They have a wish to have the branded levitra prices and Kamagra. Men who experience erectile dysfunction have several options to help with their disease. secretworldchronicle.com best viagra prices deputy chairman.  Topics to be bought to the table on Industry Day were reviewed, as well as working out ways to deal with national products; how large shopping centers could promote national products through display space and how to establish an authority for Omani products and to boost the Omanisation programme.