Peter Arnell: Self-Help and Branding Guru Releases New Book

In 2010, Peter Arnell wrote a book all about his interdisciplinary approach to branding. Shift: How to Reinvent Your Business, Your Career, and Your Personal Brand, is Arnell’s take on how to model big-name brands and enhance your life and everything about it. It is a first-hand account of how Arnell himself applied these mindset modifications to lose 250+ pounds and redefine himself.

Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020
Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020

Arnell has co-authored a new book, Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020, in which he explores, explains, and evaluates over 40 years in the branding and marketing business. In two volumes, this book sheds light on how Arnell built his unrivaled reputation and how the lifelong New Yorker carved a niche for himself in the tempestuous world of Manhattan marketing, advertising, and publishing. Scattered throughout the self-narrated content are Arnell’s own photographs. The pictures themselves are breathtaking and thought-provoking; combined with Arnell’s masterly-crafted text, the book is simultaneously bold and inspired.  

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If his first book is categorized as a self-help manuscript, Arnell’s latest publication is a historic and iconic reflection on the transformative world of branding. Arnell gives readers a lot to think about as he describes working with top-tier brands like Reebok, Home Depot, Nespresso, and Pepsi. He describes the creative processes and conceptual overhauls necessary to generate change for known entities in every industry. But he also shares his unique ideas about a life and career in an unsparing and everchanging profession.

Peter Arnell
Author Peter Arnell

Each of the 848 pages of this book is a brilliant reflection of Arnell’s genius—as an author, as a photographer, as a branding executive, and as a New Yorker. Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020 is not only an enjoyable read; it is also a fascinating review of how our consumer culture is transformed by the imaginative people behind the brands we love.

How to Help an Unemployed Friend: Jayme Albin, Ph.D. Advises

Alongside all the restrictions and regulations set in place to curb the spread of corona, many people are looking for constructive ways to help and support those affected by the virus. As the economic fallout of the past few months unfolds, more and more people are facing unemployment (or underemployment). We spoke to Dr. Jayme Albin, a New York psychologist, to hear about how friends or family can support their jobless loved ones right now.

1) Be Present. True friends don’t shy away from awkward situations. It can be uncomfortable to reach out to an unemployed friend when your job is still in tact, but that is what you need to do. Even if you can’t be physically present, set a time to chat, share a good joke, and be their source of strength. You may not necessarily be able to help them with their job search, but you can help them with your positivity and friendship.

2) Offer Concrete Advice. Looking for a new job can be overwhelming. Albin cautions against extending platitudes and vague advice. Instead, she suggests, looking at their online profiles, (like LinkedIn) and making tangible suggestions. Offer assistance in professionalizing their digital presence; recommend employment websites you have tried.

3) Be a Connector. Unemployed friends don’t only need a job. They also need connections to the right people who can lead to the job interviews and network building. Think about the people in your immediate and extended circles who might be able to help your friend. Think about the skills and experience your friend has, Albin recommends, and then consult your contact list to see who might be able to help.

4) Don’t Judge or Blame. Nobody could have predicted the current economic turmoil; nobody should be blamed for being laid off or out of work. Avoid drudging up a friend’s past mistakes and stay focused on the future. Don’t worry or nag when it seems that your friend isn’t taking job searching seriously. Be consistently supportive by reminding them of all their good traits and skills and sending them relevant job opportunities.

Bringing a meal is a practical and easy way to help an unemployed friend, says Dr. Jayme Albin.

5) Do Them a Favor. The job search can seem like a full-time job itself. With all the worries your friend might be facing now, they can always use some help. You can make their lives easier be sending over dinner, taking their young children for a few hours, or stocking up their pantry with supplies. Dr. Albin says that most people find it hard to ask for help, even if they really need it, so just decide what you can do to help and do it.

Jayme Albin reminds us that this is a challenging time for everyone. The best way to show an unemployed friend or family member you care is to be a source of support, not a source of stress. Be the person who boosts confidence, stays positive, and follows through. This will not only help your friend right now, according to Dr. Albin, but it will also strengthen your friendship in the long run.

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New Year’s Eve and Day Traditions

Why do so many people celebrate and party on New Year’s Eve?  What happens – apart from nursing a hangover – about New Year’s Day?  It seems like the traditions on these dates goes back a long time.  The first month – January – was established by the Roman Calendar and was named after Janus, a god, which is also the Latin word for door.  Janus had two faces enabling him to look back into the old year (and perhaps inspire him to make changes from his past actions) and forwards into the new one.

The Door Custom

In the olden days, the New Year started with a custom known as the 'first footing', which was intended to bring people good luck in the New Year. After midnight, people waited behind their doors for someone with dark-hair to show up, carrying a piece of coal, bread, money and greenery. These symbolic items were meant for good luck; the coal to ensure a warm house; the bread to symbolize everyone in the house having enough to eat; money so that no-one experienced poverty and greenery for a long life. Following this, the dark-haired guest took a pan with dust or ashes in, to signify the end of the old year and beginning of the new one.

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New Year’s Eve Today

Today it seems most of these traditions are no longer kept. People just party pretty hard, get a bit drunk and enjoy fireworks in most places.  In Great Britain at the stroke of midnight, partygoers traditionally link arms and sing Auld Lang Syne to remind them of old and new friends.  In New York they watch the ball drop and in San Francisco, the Waterfront Area is a very popular place to be at midnight.

Chugging Champaign to Lose Weight?

Say Bye-Bye to Boring Greens

Apparently it seems that weight loss doesn’t have to all be about limp salads and leafy green vegetables.  This could be great news for those who wanted to enjoy their food over Thanksgiving and are hoping for the same during the upcoming Christmas season.  Most diets severely restrict drinking, but a new one is out that actually encourages it…and that’s not even just the usual talk we hear about a healthy glass of red wine or two being full of good-for-you antioxidants…we’re talking Champagne!

Champagne Diet

Yes indeed.  Next you’ll be seeing pigs fly. Well, maybe not, but a Champagne Diet has been developed which sounds absolutely perfectly appropriate for the upcoming Christmas and New Year season with parties and pub crawls galore.  Developed in New York by 31-year-old MTV employee Cara Alwill Leyba, the alcoholic diet is intended to be “two parts healthy living, one part fun.”  And it’s definitely worked for her – the diet that finally got her out of her depression on how she looked and turned her into a slimmer woman.
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So how does this diet actually work, you wannabe slim drinkers are dying to know.  Well, according to Cara, since a glass of the bubbly stuff contains a mere 91 calories, you can drink and enjoy it.  But the thing is, you probably won’t be drinking all that much since the science behind it is that the bubbles get to your bloodstream real quick, which renders you unable to drink all that much.

Champagne and Lox

But it’s more than just drinking champagne.  From doing the research, it looks like Cara wanted a diet that was the envy of others – not the other way round.  Instead of sitting in a restaurant with friends not on a diet, staring at your miserable-looking plate of greens, go on Cara’s diet and really invest in yourself.  Order delicious foods that you really want to eat.  On the diet, there are no forbidden foods.  Rather, the premise is consuming delicious, nutrient-rich, high-quality foods (no more than 1,400 calories per day).  Get a bagel with lox and a glass of champagne for your lunch with the ladies and see how much more fulfilled you’ll end up being.  You won’t resent others not on this “diet” as your food will be their envy!  
Finally, Cara also feels that drinking in the bubbles actually makes women feel good about themselves.  And the better people feel, the less likely they will engage in emotional over-eating; another reason that people have to go on a diet in the first place.  Celebrate yourself every day – bring on the champagne and lox and lose weight while you’re at it!