Footballer Meets Actress: Beckham and Vergara Merger




What happens when a famous successful footballer joins forces with a model-actress for an advertising campaign?  David Beckham, possibly “one of the most famous faces in the world,” has just joined Sofia Vergara (“Gloria” star of Modern Family) for a Pepsi 30-second commercial.


In the ad, the stunning 38-year-old Columbian sees a youngster sipping from a Pepsi can and thus herself craves it too.  Twitter to the rescue, she writes, “At the pier…just saw @David Beckham.”  This gets everyone looking for the famed 35-year-old footballer while “Gloria” gets her refreshing Pepsi drink.  


But it’s more than just Pepsi that the viewers get as they get quite the view of the stunning Columbian’s butt as she goes to get her refreshment.  Once with the drink she goes back to the serious business of getting a tan, but is shocked when she finds Beckham kicking a football towards her.  At the end of the commercial Vergara sips her Pepsi.


The commercial boasts more than the two famous individuals.  The soundtrack to the 30-second ad is by popular US Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, “Whatever Lola Wants.”  


And if you can’t wait to see it on your screens, click here for the latest commercial from Pepsi.


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