Love Rollercoasters? Have Even More Fun in the Rain

If you’re a glutton for speed and love roller coasters – you might just want to check out the amusement parks during the rainy season. That’s the finding this month in England, as they’ve been getting pummeled with rainy weather.

Thorpe Park, a theme park in Surrey, UK, recently had the research done for them. And they’ve found that the rides increase in speed dramatically in rainy weather.  Thorpe Park has a new ride, The Swarm, which just opened this year and usually reaches speeds of 92 km per hour.

With the June rain, they were shocked to see the ride increase to 103 km per hour, 11 km faster than normal.  The ride has a 127 ft head first drop and five inversions. As Mike Vallis, the Thorpe Park divisional director said, “All of our rides at Thorpe Park are fully equipped to endure extreme weather conditions, but we were really surprised by how much The Swarm increased in speed last month.”

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He continued, “Rainy conditions are generally known to affect the speed of any steel rollercoaster, but the suddenness of June’s downpours went some way in intensifying the experience for riders – a terrifying thing for some, a thrill-seeker’s dream for others!”

Riders should get themselves ready for some intense riding after the rains!