The Lightest Ever ‘Designed to Win’ Running Shoe

Running is a pastime enjoyed by many, both in competitive and health-focused contexts. A common argument amongst runners and fitness gurus involves the advantage or disadvantage of running shoes. While many enjoy the use of professional athletic gear, others believe that running barefoot grants additional speed, less resistance (shoe’s weight), and stronger muscles.

A recent creation may have found a way to combine the two approaches. Luc Fusaro, an engineer and designer currently studying at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, has invented an unbelievably flexible running shoe that weighs less than a deck of cards.

According to the Chicago Tribune,

“This prototype running shoe could shave valuable fractions of a second off a 100 metre sprinter’s race time. According to its designer Luc Fusaro, the ‘Designed to Win’ sprint shoe is the lightest ever invented.”
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-Chicago Tribune