One Whole Century, He’s Still Serving Patients

Yes, indeed.  A doctor who just turned one hundred, is still making house calls to his patients.  According to Dr. Fred Goldman, this is a crucial part of his work since a lot of them are too sick to leave their houses.   He has been serving his patients faithfully for 76 years and a couple of weeks ago, tons of them came to throw him a surprise birthday party.  But it ended up with him surprising them as he showed up an hour-and-a-half early.  Still, there must have been some surprise element as he said he nearly had a heart attack on seeing so many people gather there for him.

At 100-years old, Goldman is the oldest licensed physician who is practicing medicine in Ohio.  At the party he couldn’t stop himself from being in his natural element by asking his patients about their various ailments.

Still, some people are surprised that his patients are so loyal to him.  Why would they want to be treated by such an elderly doctor?  Well, one of his patients – fourth generation – explained it simply:  “he’s seen it all and he knows everything.”  Now that is a pretty tough argument with which to contend.

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Goldman’s Later Career Path

In 2007, Dr. Goldman asked Dr. Leo Wayne – who was 81-years-old at the time – to join him.  But Wayne was ready to retire, and, at age 96, Goldman cut back from five to three eight-hour work days.  Wayne said he would not suggest Goldman retire.  He is a great diagnostician, knows his patients and realizes he’s still up to the job.  In addition, he said that most people his age don’t feel a thing; “they’re dead,” he added, to a roar of laughter from the crowd.