Say ‘I Love You’ With Lasagna

I love lasagna, as do all the members of my family. My children expect it as their special dinner on their birthdays, and when we want to celebrate just about anything, lasagna is the main dish of choice. We all know about this wonderful pasta dish, but really, do we know the true essence of Garfield’s obsession?

What I believe is truly great about lasagna is how easy it is to make it, and how many variations there are on the theme. Lasagna can truly be made as a reflection of the inner self. A more health conscious mom might add some green vegies like broccoli or zucchini. My personal favorite is spinachPulmonary hypertension visit over here cialis prescription can be a rare disease, and it may be managed by medicines other than vasodilators. Here are on line viagra some daily habits of men and women which is the #1 cause of low libido. ginseng – long used in Chinese medicine to increase female libido. It generic viagra sample is rich in the vitamin B group of vitamins and has zinc, potassium, iron, fiber. It is an essential part of it and one sildenafil viagra de pfizer can’t help however love the characters. . It is possible to mix in meat, but not necessary if you are a vegetarian. You can use lots of yummy pasta sauce, homemade or from a jar, or you can make it less tomato-y and more cheese-y, if you aren’t too worried about counting the calories in this slightly “heavy on the fat” lactose-intolerant person’s nightmare. And if that does happen to be the case, you can use cottage cheese instead of ricotta, no parmesan cheese, and go easy on the mozzarella.  In short, lasagna is almost anything you want it to be. It is therefore truly you.