Reducing Your Footprint

While we tend to think that the choices we make don’t really have a global impact – they do. And this is true for environmental issues and landfill issues as much as it is for other considerations. Of course we all have waste that has to be thrown out, but there really are easy ways that you can limit your waste and keep the landfills from filling even more. Here are three ideas:

Donate Clothes: Don’t throw your clothes away! This is actually one of the biggest contributors to landfills. Instead of throwing away clothes, you can donate them to the needy. You can turn them into rags to use around the house. You can have a garage sale or sell them on eBay.

Take Care of Your Food: What does this mean? Try not to purchase more than you’re going to use, since so much food gets thrown out. See if there is somewhere that you can donate food if you aren’t eating it and it’s packaged.
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Buy Less Packaged Food: This could have the added benefit of helping you to eat in a healthier way. If you buy less packaged food this typically means that you are eating more natural items, and you’re keeping the packaging out of landfills.