Would YOU Try Placenta Shampoo?

Numerous hair treatments and magic shampoos line the shelves of drug stores and online venues such as Amazon.com, and women have long disputed the best brand and ingredients for the perfect mane.

A new trend, used for years by Hollywood stars, has finally hit the mainstream market- placenta-based shampoos and body washes. Believed to have immeasurable nutrients and anti-aging properties that rejuvenate the body’s cells, afterbirth may be the industry’s new miracle ingredient.

The most popular products that use this ingredient are the La Bella shampoo and conditioner which claim to contain a ‘special placenta enzyme,’ and Hask Placenta No Rinse Hair Repair Treatment. La Bella believes it will help restore “shine and bounce” to the hair, while the latter also promises to “nourish your dull, frizzy hair,” and “restore life and luster.”

Would you use products based on the placenta- a structure which protects the fetus en-utero? These generic products use placental ingredients from cow, sheep and plants- not from humans. Though many would find the concept difficult to accept, some have grown up using it their whole life!

The Huffington Post’s Erica Cheung revealed that she has been using the treatment since childhood.
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“My mother would take me to the kitchen, sit me on a bar stool and prepare a beauty concoction for my hair in a silverware spoon,” she explained. “She would heat it over a flame (usually on the stove) and when the liquid was hot, but not boiling, she would distribute it over my chocolate brown hair, concentrating on the scalp. The concoction consisted of almond oil, tomato juice and placenta. Yes, placenta- like afterbirth.

“At the time I didn’t realize that what my mom was putting in my hair came from a living thing’s uterus. In all honesty, the placenta smelled really good and looked like vegetable oil. The bi-weekly event became a beauty ritual and I’ve used placenta my whole life because of it.

“The memory of my mother lathering afterbirth all over my head is akin to other memories of her teaching me how to braid my hair or going to buy my first bra. It was all very normal to me!”

Today, Cheung swears by Hask Placenta No-Rinse Instant Hair Repair Treatment, which she says makes her hair feel “soft and smell really good for days.”