What happened on This Day in History?

Many events have occurred on January 11 throughout the years.  For example, in America in 1928, this was the date on which Bing Crosby recorded “Ol’ Man River,” which was one of his very first hits.  He sang this with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra that he later left.  That was probably a good thing as one of his later songs – “White Christmas” – made him quite a small fortune that he thus would have had to share with his band members!

Some years later, on the same day, in 1949, Los Angeles saw its very first case of recorded snow!  And then a decade-and-a-half passed and scientists in America finally figured out that smoking is not good for one’s health. Surgeon General Luther Leonidas Terry issued a health warning that it could result in major health problems such as lung cancer.

A lot more has happened and changed of course, quite significantly in the world of technology.  Whereas the iPhone first became available in 2007, it wasn’t until January 11 of last year that Verizon announced that within a month, it would be blessed with the iPhone that it had been craving for so long.  It was, however, criticized for only doing so on the company’s 3G network, despite its claims that it is most reliable.
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So, all’s well that ends well.  Who knows what scientific discoveries; technological advancements or bright young singers will grace this page next year on January 11, 2013?  Watch this space.

Passing of Steve Jobs

Do What You Love

At the tender of age of 56, Steve P. Jobs, co-founder and chairman of Apple Inc., “died peacefully [yesterday] surrounded by his family.”  He had been battling pancreatic cancer for a while but was also in remission for some years after having gotten a liver transplant.  Then he got sick again and last night finally passed away.

Jobs fought the illness and continued in his position, but six weeks ago, he resigned as Apple’s CEO and suggested that Tim Cook – his long-time deputy – should take over from him.  Cook was then named Chairman of the company.

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It was over 35 years ago that Steve Jobs founded his company along with Steve Wozniak in 1976.  At the time, Jobs was 21 and Wozniak, 26.  They began work in Jobs’ family garage and sold their first computer for $666.66.  He always told people to “do what you love” as a way of being successful.  It certainly worked for him.

Today his company is best known for consistent quality, the iPod, iPad and iPhone.  He leaves a widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, and three children: Reed, Erin and Eve.  May he rest in peace.