Are You a Hottie? Find Out With Hotstagram

According to the movie The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg briefly dabbled in the idea of creating a site where people could rate girls. While the site only lasted a day or two, it inspired him to continue thinking about the medium.

So, too, apparently, is another internet sensation using the same formula.  A new site, Hotstagram, is actually crashing under the weight of its interest. Piggy-backing on the idea of the “Hot or Not” internet site, this site uses Instagram photos and puts two photos of women or men back to back for voting.

The creator is choosing to remain anonymous at the moment, but is a 27 year old with the code name Captain Kirk.

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The site makers encourage women and men to be part of the game by adding the hashtab #hotstagram to their photos. Trying to avoid legal issues, Captain Kirk has made it known that anyone who wants his or her picture removed can do so with the Hotstagram site

Facebook, which now owns Instagram, has not issued an official response about the site.