A Simple Bathroom Makeover

Are the long-neglected details of your home begging for a makeover? Thanks to creative, organized minds around the world, taking on this endeavor is not nearly as difficult as it seems.

Woman’sDay.com discusses several ways to add character to your home without too much effort or impact on your wallet. Here are some ideas for updating your bathroom’s look:

  • “Add a healthy dose of pattern and color to the inside of your medicine cabinet,” the magazine suggests. “Remove the shelves, then use spray adhesive to line the back of the cabinet with craft paper or wallpaper scraps.”
  • Next, “spruce up a set of plain store-bought towels with custom trim. Select thick grosgrain ribbon that suits your style, then stitch it along the edges of your linens.”
  • For hooks and racks, “hang a peg rack or an assortment of coat hooks instead of a traditional towel bar. Or fashion simple, rustic hooks from sturdy branches with good angles. Use a fine-toothed saw to make clean cuts, sand the edges and drill two holes for mounting.”
  • Make sure to reuse- “Repurpose everyday items into one-of-a-kind accessories: a galvanized metal bucket or ceramic planter is an unusual trash can, and screw-top jelly jars are cool catchalls for cottonballs, cotton swabs and bath salts.”
  • Consider using adhesive wall decals, which “transform a blank wall into a striking mural. An alternative to wallpaper and stencils, they add graphic punch and are easily removeable.”
  • Keep it green- “Treat the bathroom like any other room in the house by introducing natural elements such as a potted plant or fresh flowers.”
  • “Off-the-shelf vanity cabinets get an extreme makeover with high gloss paint,” Woman’s Day points out. “Go the whole hog or use painter’s tape to outline a thin faux trim in a peppy hue.”

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How to Give Your Home a Pre-Spring Makeover

The winter months have left your home looking rather gloomy, and while spring might seem rather far off, a great project to get started on now is a simple home makeover. Try to involve your children, as well, to give them a good reason to ditch the computer or TV for a few hours after school.

The first step in touching up your home is, of course, a paint job. Don’t try to tackle the whole house, this will end up costing an arm and a leg, and will also stretch your patience with the process. Choose a few areas or rooms that could use a change; the difference in color will change the entire space, saving you the cost and effort of repainting everything. Of course, spend the little extra you may need to fix up any scratches or areas that have peeled.

This season’s popular colors are pastels and deep jewel tones. These will help brighten up any space, as well as give them a completely different mood. Try to match your choices to the white or cream bases that are already used throughout your home. A deep minty turquoise, for example, looks stunning with white walls, shelves or rugs. If you’re hesitant to commit to a new color, or too lazy to paint full walls, go out and buy some stencils and add a little bit of color and personality that way instead. You can even paint on children’s furniture, too, like a desk or a dresser. Wall-stickers are another great option to achieve this look.

Next, work on the more specific décor. Look around your main areas, and revamp your photo collection. Buy an eclectic bunch of new picture frames (mix colors, shapes and sizes), then sort through your photos and choose some favorites to put on display.

Now, move on to your furniture, rugs, cushions and other living room accessories. Don’t bother buying anything new; try to work with what you have. If the stuff looks kinda shabby, why not try removable covers? This will give you an opportunity to try new colors and styles without committing to the new look. You can even dye them yourself. Add ribbons, lace, tassels or designs to your cushions- if you’re intimidated by sewing machines, you can use hot glue instead.
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Third, think about adding some plants to your interior. Beautiful potted flowers, or leafy vines like ivy, literally add life to a room. At your local nursery, ask for sturdy, indoor plants, that perhaps have a pleasant smell. Put some on top of the refrigerator, by the stairs, in the bathroom and on the piano, and make sure to put a bit of thought into the pots you choose.

Last but not least, think about the curtains, towels, bath mats and shower screens. These little things give the room its finishing touches, changing the atmosphere from hectic or messy to appealing and organized. While you’re at it, buy some new plastic drawers to keep in children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and the den to help keep things in reach but out of sight.