Hiccup Removal – Old Tale or Truth?

We can probably all agree that hiccups are really annoying. They are frustrating to endure and sometimes difficult to get rid of. CNN recently did an enlightening review about all of those old tales you know about hiccup cures; and surprisingly found that many of the hiccup-removal myths that you might know aren’t actually myths. Many of them work. But they don’t necessarily work for the reason you might assume they do.

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As CNN explained, “There are few concrete medical cures for the hiccups, but experts know that stopping them ideally involves the diaphragm, the vagus nerve and the phrenic nerve.” And many of those “silly” methods that you grew up doing actually work with the diaphragm, the vagus nerve and the phrenic nerve. So while you might assume you’re going through the action of drinking water backwards or scaring your friend just because you hope it might work – it may actually work for a different reason than you assume.

Read the whole article and get ready for that backwards drinking, friend scaring experience!