How to Stick with Fitness Resolutions

FitnessMillions of Americans listed healthier lifestyles amongst their New Year’s resolutions. According to recent studies, the majority of these are headed for despair.

“We’ve tracked the patterns,” reveals YMCA Health and Wellness Director Sue Dissinger. “After 30 to 60 days people start to slowly decline or quit.”

The figures, which are based on several years of study, have been confirmed throughout the health and fitness worlds. People generally lose enthusiasm after about a month, despite their best intentions.

Lori Steven, a dietician with WakeMed Cary Hospital, explains the phenomenon. “We often make our goals too big, too ambitious,” she said. “We say, ‘Once the year starts, I’m going to cut all sugar out of my diet.’ That’s extreme. It’s not sustainable.”

“The main reason most people fail is because they don’t have a plan,” adds Ronnie Neal of Rex Wellness Center. They need to have specific goals, not just “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get in better shape.”
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Stevens recommends setting realistic goals, like cutting dessert out of weeknight meals. “Or, instead of saying ‘I’m going to work out every day and run a marathon in March,’ say you’ll work out five days a week and do a 5K in April, then maybe a 10K in June and a half-marathon or marathon in the fall.”

Neal adds: “Writing down your goals hardwires them a little more into your subconcious.”

Lastly, it is very important to stay patient. It can take months to see real results, but stick with it and don’t get discouraged!

HIIT Exercise and Fitting Fitness Into a Busy Schedule

Many people recognize the necessity of exercise and its significant impact on an entire lifestyle, but have difficulty integrating it into their daily routine. One of the most common excuses is lack of time; how can a working mother, for example, fit a sufficient amount of exercise into her busy week?

Gretchen Reynolds, a physical education expert, addresses the issue. She recommends HIIT workouts,or high impact interval training, to solve this issue.

This approach to fitness requires a total of 20 minutes, three times a week. By focusing the body on quick, short bursts of intense training, it keeps energy levels high and calories burning for hours after the fact.

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Here, Sean Patrick Farrell and Gretchen Reynolds present the method, and provide tips for beginners.


The Lightest Ever ‘Designed to Win’ Running Shoe

Running is a pastime enjoyed by many, both in competitive and health-focused contexts. A common argument amongst runners and fitness gurus involves the advantage or disadvantage of running shoes. While many enjoy the use of professional athletic gear, others believe that running barefoot grants additional speed, less resistance (shoe’s weight), and stronger muscles.

A recent creation may have found a way to combine the two approaches. Luc Fusaro, an engineer and designer currently studying at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, has invented an unbelievably flexible running shoe that weighs less than a deck of cards.

According to the Chicago Tribune,

“This prototype running shoe could shave valuable fractions of a second off a 100 metre sprinter’s race time. According to its designer Luc Fusaro, the ‘Designed to Win’ sprint shoe is the lightest ever invented.”
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-Chicago Tribune

Make 2012 Your Get Fit Year

New Year’s Resolutions are very popular, but it seems that they are often difficult to carry through and, at some time around February, one finds they have readopted their old habits.  This is especially true when it comes to exercise and healthy eating.  But the truth is, any changes one makes do not have to be so dramatic.  As well, it is important –vis-à-vis exercise – to find something that is not boring.

Suggestions for Getting Fit

So here are a few suggestions for ways to get fit.  Check out the different Workout DVD’s available such as Jari Love’s Extremely Ripped Boot Camp DVD for $14.99.  This is perfect for those who never feel as if they have enough time.  In fact, any DVD is good for that as it can be done at home. This one offers six 10-minute workouts exercising abs and cardio and using weights. In addition there are two 30-minute workouts and an even longer one that spans for 18 music tracks.  Or, if you just want to focus on cardio or abs, that is another option.  This DVD certainly will not leave you bored.

For those who feel the need to get out, walk more.  You do not necessarily have to spend the money to sign up for a gym membership if you don’t want to spend the money.  Just take every opportunity to walk, put on a pedometer and see how many steps you clock up each day.  Also, find a friend to team up with for fitness so you can encourage each other.

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Eating Better

Eating healthily does not necessarily mean cutting out all the good, fun treats.  A bit of modification is needed. Ensure the house is stocked with fruit and vegetables – for those who despise raw vegetables, make soups instead.  When going out to dinner, choose healthier options like fish rather than pasta and either just have a bite of dessert or order a coffee to finish off your meal.  There are many – easy – ways to introduce healthier eating habits into your life. 

So don’t make a New Year’s Resolution, just make 2012 the year that you will be getting as healthy as possible.