Nepali Artists Turn Mount Everest Trash Into Artistic Sculptures

In an effort to promote awareness about littering on Mount Everest, fifteen Nepali artists have created 75 sculptures from garbage collected on the mountain’s slopes. They spent one month crafting 1.7 tons of trash, including empty oxygen bottles, gas canisters, food cans, torn tents, ropes, crampons, plates and twisted aluminum ladders, into figures such as a yak and wind chimes.

The artwork was recently displayed at an exhibit in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

“Everest is our crown jewel in the world,” said Kripa Rana Shahi, director of the Da Mind Tree art group. “We should not take it for granted. The amount of trash there is damaging our pride.”

The 29,035-foot mountain has been scaled by nearly 4,000 people, the first being New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in 1953. The government has several limitations and policies to ensure minimal littering on the slopes, but activists have admitted that effective monitoring is extremely difficult. Climbers have confirmed this, explaining that the mountain is covered in garbage which is buried by winter’s snow. It is exposed only in the summer, when the snow melts.

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The garbage used in the recent art exhibition was collected in 2011 and earlier this year by Sherpa climbers, porters and long-haired yaks. The yaks were recognized in some of the works, which are now on sale for prices ranging from $15 to $2,300. The proceeds will be split between the artists and the Everest Summiteers’ Association, which sponsors garbage collection from the slopes.


How Global Warming Projects Avoid the Real Issue

Several scientists from Europe have warned that worldwide engineering operations, aimed at reducing global warming, have the potential to minimize rainfall in both Europe and North America, according to Reuters.

Though many of these projects are theoretical, they spark debate across the planet. Some involve reenacting the results of enormous volcanic eruptions by freeing clouds of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, while others are considering launching giant mirrors into space to deflect the sun’s rays.

The main issue with these plans is that they fail to address the actual problem; unbelievable amounts of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Other downsides include the potential consequences that the scientists have yet to research in depth, as well as a lack of an international governance structure.

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A group of scientists from France, Norway, Germany and the UK created models to research the earth’s climate if it were subject to more carbon dioxide and less radiation from the sun. They discovered a 5% drop in rainfall in every scenario they explored.

“Climate engineering cannot be seen as a substitute for policy pathway of mitigating climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” the study argued in the Earth System Dynamics journal.

In other words, scientists should stop looking for far-fetched solutions to the problem. As a whole, Earth's people should be aiming to reduce harmful emissions before they trigger an irreversable disaster.

Hundreds of Dolphins Stranded on Cape Cod Beaches

Cape Cod’s beaches have become a beaching ground for more than one hundred common dolphins, 84 of which have died.

For the past twelve years, an average of 37 dolphins are stranded on the beach on an annual basis. Scientists are baffled with the sudden spike this year, and are looking into various explanations including geography, weather changes and prey behavior. According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Mike Booth, numerous dolphins are lurking right off the Cape, and more beachings are likely. This time of year is generally known as a “high season” for dolphin stranding in the area, but the unusual numbers are a mystery.

In the meantime, more than 300 volunteers and staff have been working to aid the stranded dolphins, and are campaigning for federal funding for the project.

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B. Sharp, stranding coordinator for IFAW, said “This might be the largest dolphin stranding geographically speaking that we’ve had.”


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New 12-Minute Laundry Cycles; For Real?

You probably still hear stories from your grandmothers about their day-to-day lives being taken up by going to the river to wash all their clothes, sitting there scrubbing from morning to night.  And you’re probably so glad you never had to live during those times.  But think about how much further we could go?  Imagine your grandchildren feeling sorry for you that your washing machine was pretty much working all day and it took the better part of an afternoon for your clothes to clean?  

Save Time, Energy and Water

It seems that this is happening even sooner than we anticipated.  Highly reputable manufacturer Russell Hobbs has just developed a machine which boasts it can clean laundry in as little as 12 minutes and a ton less water than standard 90 minute cycles.  As well, a staggering 212,415 gallons of water will be saved over a lifetime!  That is enough to fill nearly 17 swimming pools!

How Does Russell Hobbs Do It?

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So the question being asked is, how on earth is this manufacturer doing it?  Well, apparently there are now two jet nozzles which are being used to spray water and detergent.  Our machines have always traditionally used only one.  But don’t expect to get off lightly when you make the purchase, the cheapest one being £247, but think how much money you will get to save long-term, as well as time?

Any Disadvantages?

Well, everything comes with a side issue.  Sometimes the 12-minute cycle won’t quite get all your stains out if they are really strong.  Ultimately a good “old-fashioned soak” is what will really get rid of mega-stains.  But this is just the first model and who knows how many improvements will be made in the future?  It’s probably worth holding off for a while and waiting to see what Russell Hobbs’ competitors come up with in the near future.  You’ve waited this long and spent enough time on your laundry; what’s another few months with the thought of mega-time, water and money being saved in the future?