Ritual Objects Seized from Man at Airport

Elephant Tail

Airport officials at Dulles International Airport discovered a rather unusual assortment of objects in one man’s suitcase last Thursday. The man, traveling from Ghana and on his way to Maryland explained that elephant tails, dried hedgehogs, chicken blood, two dried chameleons and other items from the plant and animal kingdoms were needed for the practice of his religion.

The man was not arrested nor charged with any crime despite the fact that he declared to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents that all he had in his luggage werre dried herbs and clothing. According to CBP official Christopher Hess, “This is by far one of the strangest suitcases we’ve ever opened,” said Hess, CBP port director for Washington. Hess added that, “Regardless of its intended purpose, each item posed potentially severe animal and plant disease threats to American agriculture.”
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The entire collection of the unusual assortment of items was incinerated by airport authorities.