Happy Birthday Kate!

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated the big 30 earlier this week.  Yes indeed, Kate Middleton – wife of the Duke of Cambridge (aka Prince William), exited her second decade in life and became 30.  Rumors of various plans for this celebration were discussed in a previous post but, at the end of the day, what really did Kate get to do on her special day?

Well, it seems that contrary to rumors of the big birthday bash being thrown for her by her sister and brother-in-law Pippa and Harry, her celebrations were quite low-key.    She simply ate dinner with family and friends in private quarters at Kensington Palace.

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It seems therefore, that rumors preceding the day (along with the press) got it quite wrong – or maybe they were being purposefully misguided.  Ultimately what Kate did on her birthday was just enjoy a pleasant dinner with those nearest and dearest to her.  Neither the gifts she received – nor the food she ate on the night of her special day prepared by her favorite chef – have as yet been revealed.

The only thing we did manage to find out was the gift she – sort of – received from Kim Kardashian.  On the day of the Duchess’ birthday, Shoe Dazzle and Kardashian presented the world (in her honor) with ‘The Duchess’ a black, leather-quilted platform pump.  It is unlikely however, that Kate will be seen wearing a pair of these shoes, but still, as they say, the thought was there.

New Year’s Eve: How The Royals Do It

There's no place like home it seems for the newest royal couple, even when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve! But family first.  Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and hubby Prince William, first spent Christmas with Will’s side of the family and then returned to Catherine’s folks in Berkshire to celebrate the New Year with her parents and sister Pippa.

The Duchess was dressed comfortably in jeans which was fitting while she played with the family’s two dogs at the tail end of 2011.  It looked like an enjoyable family time out. Later on, Catherine was dressed to impress for her participation in the “canvas palace” that had been set up by Pippa.

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And already in 2012 Catherine has started her work.  It was just announced that she has become the patron of four worthy charities: Action on Addiction, East Anglia's Children's Hospices, the Art Room and the National Portrait Gallery. It’s good that she had a relaxing time over the holiday period, as now it’s work, work, work for the young lady, especially as her husband will soon be deployed.

The Royal Wedding: A Bit of a ‘Hair’ Do

There was so much discussion and hush-hush in the run up to the royal wedding on what Kate Middleton’s hair would look like. In fact, hairdresser James Pryce was said to have “lost sleep” over what he described as being the “gig of the century,” while on the actual day itself Kate was described as being “calm and collected.”

But at the end of Friday 29 April, while it’s true that Kate looked none other than the beautiful Princess she now is (or, more accurately, the new Duchess of Cambridge), it didn’t look like all that much time had gone in to doing her hair. That’s not an insult by any means since she probably looked as natural as the day she met her Prince William. But the amount of work that went into the hairstyle for the day did seem a little over the top.

So what was Mr. Pryce doing to prepare for the special day? He used a fake tiara purchased on Chelsea’s King’s Road along with the personal assistant from his salon to act as a stand-in for the Duchess-to-be.
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Although however, to the average man or woman in the street Kate’s hair looked as regular as can be, those in the know would have got that it was pinned back in a “demi chignon” for her special day. She wanted it to look a bit different from her regular every day style of having it all down, so elected a part-up part-down look so she could still feel like herself but have a bit of a regal touch at the same time.

Her hair was also styled to adequately show off her dress in full detail. Atop her head was the 1936 Cartier tiara, on loan by the Queen who sported a most pleasant yellow outfit with a matching handbag. The question on everyone’s lips however, was “what on earth was she carrying in that bag?” Well, while Kate’s hairdo and dress were revealed on Friday, we will probably have to wait a very long time to find out (if ever) what the HM The Queen deemed so important as to be carrying with her to the 2011 royal wedding.