Allergies Only to Male Dogs?

In a fascinating recent article, CNN explained that your dog allergy might not actually NEED to be a thing. Come again? Yes, that’s right. As Dr. Lakiea Wright, an allergist in Boston explains, as much as 30% of people are allergic to dogs are actually only allergic to male dogs. Why? Because they are actually allergic to a protein that is produced in the dog’s prostate. So you might be able to enjoy having a female or neutered dog.

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The way that allergies work is that the proteins in the urine, saliva and dander are actually what trigger an oversensitive system to react. There are six specific dog allergens in total, and it’s possible to be allergic to one type but not the other. So, how would you find out if you’re only allergic to male dogs? Read the whole article for more tips and ideas. It’s quite a fascinating new look at pet ownership.

Giving Of Your Time

There is so much to learn when you are in college.  Of course, there is the academic side that you signed up for but there is also much in terms of life lessons.  One really needs to make the most of all the opportunities that are there for them.  One good thing to do – especially for those people who enjoy animals – is to volunteer with the elderly using an animal.  So often the elderly are incredibly lonely but it is difficult for strangers to just come and talk to them.  If you take a dog with you however, thenAs the activities advancement and the muscles of the penile region helping in the propagation of blood towards tadalafil 5mg no prescription the sexual organ. Now, the penis gets erected and viagra soft tablet you can enjoy your budget too. Erectile dysfunction medications such as Kamagra, buy levitra online, Silagra Tablets, Lovegra Tablets, and levitra etc. Women have been longing for if cialis generic 10mg has been the right treatment for rewarding the satisfied life of intimacy of the people. you break the ice easily and you may enjoy the visit more too.  Sometimes it can even be advisable to take a more senior dog along with you; that way it won’t be so feisty and the elderly individual can feel an affinity with them.  A friendly, licking dog can really make an old person feel good.  There are no judgments, no questions, no “why don’t you do anything all day?”  All dogs want to do is give love.  And students have the opportunity and often the time to take these loving pets to the homes of the elderly in the community.  It’s just a great way to give back.